Sisak and to the border bridge!

After Sisak we set off dodging the rain (which seemed to keep most dogs indoors, so no chases this time!)  However, we are still not into the camping zone, so our Croatia has been a tour of B&Bs (Bike and Beds). Our stays have ranged from traditional wooden houses (with log burner) to restaurants-with-rooms and private houses. Hopefully we will have more luck camping later in the trip to bring the budget back into line.


Following the Sava River into Lonjsko Nature Park we went through THE Stork village (Cigoc) The nests are huge!! There were literally Storks everywhere, could even make birdwatchers of us both! Later on whist going through one forest the stealthiness of our bikes caught some wild cats by surprise as they scurried away into the trees, although at dinner that evening, and without photo evidence we couldn’t convince the pukka nature lovers. 😦


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Zagreb we start the adventure!

Parents 1Aldreds at the airport

Well, we made it to Zagreb, despite the snow! Landed at Zagreb International and proceeded to put the bikes back together. Unfortuantley, Rebecca’s bike had been damaged in transit (bent rear mech hanger) but we managed to adjust the cables and ride it to a Zagreb bike shop to get it fixed. Whilst waiting in the airport we met Ivan, who kindly invited us to stay once we’d pedaled the 20kms into town. The first ride was a snowy affair – everything on the ground was white and it was impossible to spot where the cycle tracks were but luckily a local cyclist pulled alongside and lead us into town. Thank you Mr!


After 2 days in Zagreb waiting for the snow to melt we stumbled across the Bicycle Information Centre, where a very helpful Darinka told us about the cycle route along the River Sava, so day 1 we headed South East (we were planning to head North East). In a couple of days we should connect up with the Eurovelo 6 cycle route in Osijek, we’ll take a 3h train to get there from Novska where the Sava route ends. Continue reading