Video: Central Asia

This is what we saw in two months as we crossed Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
During leg 3 we pedaled 1392km in 62days and also used a lot of public transport; 5 sleeper trains, a cargo ferry and a minibus.

For 29 of those days we were stuck in capital cites waiting for visas, however, that did mean we got to hang out with some great people, see the sights and rest our bottoms! The cost of visas and capital city accommodation/living has meant that Central Asia has been the most expensive leg yet. Crazy huh? Hope you like the video.

Kyrgyzstan Mountains

Into Kyrgyzstan and although the people still looked the same, there was obviously some hostility between the two neighbouring countries! The changes were most obvious on the roads – the cars changed from Russian barges, Retro Ladas and tiny Daewoos to a more modern mix of European cars – unfortunately, this also meant that the cars were going faster and the traffic was more hectic. It was quite a shock compared to the quiet road that had lead us to the border and it required a more ‘assertive’ riding style to keep safe. Once in town we checked into the Tez Guesthouse and pitched the tent in the garden next to their yurts. We stayed in Osh for the next 4 days, visiting the Bazaar, relaxing with the other travellers and most importantly preparing a plan for the final road to China!

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IMG_2853 IMG_2921
A Yak40 aeroplane in a park – Meat in the street – Colourful spices – Slipper Market. Continue reading