Serbia….. tough riding!

Across Serbia our intention was to continue following the cycle route Eurovelo6, our expectations were smooth tracks along disused railways between cafes and easy trips in the sunshine. We were in for a shock.. but at least the fuel was cheap!!

P1020206 P1020212

Most of the cycle path into Novi Sad was unpaved so progress was slow in the wet. A couple of sticky muddy rutted boggy sections were unrideable! However, once at the City there was a lovely cyclepath straight to the centre where we stayed with Anna and friends at the Culture Exchange and Bicycle Kitchen. The work these guys are doing in education/charity is inspiring and they had a great cafe too! Taking a day out of the saddle meant a little bike fettling could be done in their workshop and we even had time to do some relaxing!

P1020218 P1020227

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