End of leg 2: Turkey

Whilst waiting for visas in Georgia, we’ve managed to put together a short video of our trip across Turkey…. hope you like it!

Leg 2 statistics are:
[Cycled 1983km in 50 days]
[Camped: 34 Hotel/Hostel: 12 Sofa-Surfed: 4]
[Total spend £12 each per day]

Turkey Tale

Leaving behind the statues of Nemrut-Dagi and not wanting to re-cross the mountain range we hopped on a coach and returned north, back to Malatya where we’d stayed a few days earlier. After a nights rest we were back on the bikes and continuing north, following a river and railway, so it had to be flat and easy going… right? But that afternoon, with a strong headwind building, progress was painfully slow. Unfortunately the immediate landscape offered little in the way of shelter or hiding spots for the nights camp, however we did find some flat ground on a farm track, and it was decided that a night under the tarp would be the best option…. after a restless night being bitten by bugs, the jury is still out!

981216_10201083931397692_1452628621_o P1030679

Leaving the valley floor in search of a quieter road we went “off the map” and after taking in more hills than we’d intended we called it a day in Hekimhan. Hoping to find somewhere to camp, we cycled into the centre and picked a cafe for a cup of cay whilst waiting for a plan to develop. In broken English, the cafe owner suggested “no camping” but that we should stay in the “Teacher House”, we were confused but he instructed a nephew to show us the way. “Teacher House” turned out to be dormitory accommodation for government workers…. which is also open to the public if they have room…. at a bargain price too! Random places to sleep #1

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Turkey Rock

Pedalling out of Konya we made the most of a very strong tail wind, and despite setting off late in the afternoon we were able to clock up a whopping 76kms in just a couple of hours. As the sun was setting we came across a petrol station so stopped, camped behind it’s restaurant and ordered a kebap to celebrate our progress! We were now travelling east along one of the ancient ‘Silk Road’ trading routes, and the next day we visited the Caravanserai (motel for camels) in Sultanhani. The building was the size if a football pitch, half open and half covered with and incredible detailing on the stonework, it was very impressive. That nights camping was at a picnic spot just outside Akasary. Whilst inspecting the grass for a pitch, we were invited to drink cay, and eat with Yakup and his family. So kind and very generous!

IMG_1165 CAM00285

The following day we’d stopped to take photos when another cycle tourist appeared over the hill. With his pointy beard and decorations all over his bike, Baptiste looks like a proper nomad! From first impressions it was difficult to tell if he was friend or foe, but after a quick chat we discovered he’d started¬†cycling from his home in Switzerland, seemed pretty normal and speaks great english! We were heading on similar routes so have joined forces for a while. Our specialities are: Baptiste – languages, Rebecca – chef, Tim – Bosun! Continue reading